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At GFX Printer, we use state-of-the-art printing technology and durable materials to create long-lasting ID cards that will stand up to wear and tear. Plus, our team of experts will work with you to ensure your ID cards are design and printed to meet your specific needs. Whether you require identification cards for employees, students, or customers, we’ll make sure they’re done right.




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Want a Custom ID Card Printing in Dubai, UAE?

Do you want Custom ID Card Printing? Bulk Or Single? When it comes to Custom ID Card Printing in Dubai, you have many options to choose from. There are PVC cards, composite cards, smart cards, and more. ID cards can print on various materials, including paper, metal, or plastic. You can also select to have your ID card printed in full color or black and white. No matter what kind of ID card printing you want, GFX Printer can print any ID for you.

Could you just make sure to ask & clarify everything before the printing process? GFX Printer uses high quality materials every time. You can ask for samples of work so that you can see the quality of our work for yourself.

What is ID Card Printing?

An ID card is a document that describes a person or an organization. They normally use for identity, security, and access control. There are many types of ID cards & the printing process can vary depending on the type of card and the specific requirements.

They mostly made from PVC or polycarbonate. They can print by thermal transfer or direct thermal printing methods. Thermal transfer printers use heat to transfer ink onto the ID card. While direct thermal printers use a special paper that turns black when exposed to heat.

We also print ID card with monochrome or full color designs. Monochrome ID cards are typically less expensive to produce, but they can only include one color of ink. Full-color ID cards can include multiple colors and may even include photographs.

The printing process for an ID card often begins with creating a design template. We then use this template to create a printing plate, which then use to print the ID card. After printing ID cards, then we laminate it to protect it from damage and wear. For design or templates & inspiration, you can make your custom Design here & get a Template here & Inspiration here.

The Benefits of Custom ID Card in Dubai, UAE:

ID cards are a vital part of any business or organization. They help to ensure the safety of your employees and customers. As well as provide a way to keep track of everyone who comes in and out of your facility. ID cards can use for marketing purposes, such as offering discounts or promotions to cardholders. Of course ID cards is use as a form of identity.

Here are some of the benefits of ID card printing:

  1. Increased security: ID cards can help to deter crime and protect your employees and customers. By having everyone wear an identification card, you can quickly and easily identify anyone who doesn’t belong in your facility. This can help to keep off theft, vandalism, and other illegal conduct.
  2. Convenience: ID cards make it easy to keep track of everyone who comes in and out of your facility. This is especially helpful if you have numerous employees or customers. With an ID card system, you can quickly look up someone information if you need to contact them later. Check out our ID Cards for Employees.
  3. Cost savings: ID cards can save you money in the long run. If you’re using paper visitor logs or employee timesheets.

There are many ID card printers in market, But GFX Printer is the Best because of its Professionals in Dubai.

Why GFX Printer for Custom ID Card Printing in Dubai, UAE?

There are many factors to consider why to choose GFX Printer for Printing needs, especially for ID cards. From the features you require to your budget, whether, you require a Cheap one or a Good one or even fast delivery, all factors will play a big role. GFX Printer fits all factors. Here’s a look at our difference from others that makes us Best.

  • Printing technology: The two main types of printers are direct to card (DTC) and Re-transfer. DTC printers are less expensive, but they require special ribbons and can only print on one side of the card. Re-transfer printers are more expensive, but they use standard ribbons and can print on both sides of the card. GFX Printer can do both, but we select what fits your need. Although our priority is to make high quality products every time.
  • Card material: Mostly PVC is use for ID cards, but there are options like ABS and composite PVC. You have to select the product that best suits your requirements. If you don’t know what to decide. Stay relaxed, GFX Printer always does what the best for you.
  • Print quality: Some other ID card printers produce photo-quality prints & only print in black and white. If you need to print photos or full color images, you’ll need a printer with a high resolution, like GFX Printer.
  • Print speed: How many cards do you need to print daily? If you’re only printing a few dozen cards, print speed won’t be as big of a concern. But if you’re printing hundreds or even thousands of cards, GFX Printer can churn out prints quickly (also in Dubai).


Use of ID cards in the daily life of the UAE:

ID cards are a vital part of our daily lives. They help us identify ourselves and others around us. ID cards also help us keep track of our belongings, especially when we are traveling. Here are some of the most common uses of ID cards:

  1. Identification: We use ID cards to identify ourselves and others around us. This is especially important in places where there is a lot of foot traffic, such as airports, schools, and offices.
  2. Tracking: ID cards help us keep track of our belongings, especially when traveling. This is because we must show our ID card each time we go through security or customs.
  3. Access control: Many buildings now use ID cards for access control. This means that only people with an authorized ID card can enter the building. This is a great way to improve security and prevent unauthorized access.
  4. Payment: Some sectors now accept payment via an ID card. Without carrying cash or a credit card, this is a convenient way to pay for services and products.

Quality of GFX Printer in Dubai – UAE

When it comes to ID card printing, you want a provider who uses high quality materials and produces quality results. At GFX Printer, we use state of the art printing technology and durable materials to create long lasting ID cards. Then they will stand up to wear and tear. Plus, our team of experts will work with you to ensure you get what you need. From design to print every thing is according to you. Whether you require identification cards for employees, students, or customers, we make sure every thing is ok for you.


If you want ID card printing, we can help you out. We offer a variety of ID card printing services that can meet your needs and budget. Whether you require a single ID card or dozens of them, we can print them for you quickly and easily. Contact us today to learn more about our ID card printing services.



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