During Eid, people rejoice, feel happy, and unite in solidarity. As the month of Ramadan comes to an end, people gather together to show their love for each other. Their family and friends travel a long way to enjoy this festival. Aside from gathering together, giving greetings, and feasting, this sacred festival also involves giving gifts. 

Take a unique approach to celebrate the positive spirit and energy. Make Eid extra special for your loved ones by giving them a gift box. Send your Eidi or your gifts as a gesture of love and respect.

Top 5 Gift Ideas on EID 2023

Choosing gifts for our loved ones can be confusing because so many options are available. Here are some classic gift ideas for Eid that are sure to please your family members.

  • Traditional Clothes

Festivals make dressing well even more important because everyone needs to look good. In order to celebrate Eid, you should wear traditional clothing with a religious feel. 

Your friends and family will appreciate beautiful and traditional clothes as thoughtful gifts. You can surprise your dear ones by giving them amazing dresses if you know the right size and color.

  • Gift Hampers/Baskets

Hampers make great gifts as well. These festivals are the perfect time to use ready-made hampers from many brands. Gift baskets can easily be customized according to your needs. 

Nowadays, many online brands are offering gift baskets for Eid. In the baskets, they’ll also include flyers and brochures to attract attention to their items and business cards that will remind contacts to find them online. 

Eid baskets are ideal for people of all ages since the hampers contain a wide variety of food items that appeal to everyone. Baskets filled with goodies such as sweets, snack boxes, fruit, personal care products, and luxury items make great goodie baskets. 

It’s no wonder kids love them so much! Surprise your little family members with a delicious food hamper this Eid to see them smile for a million dollars. Don’t forget to give them what they love this Eid.

  • Perfumes

Your personality will be more attractive if you wear a good fragrance, and you will feel more confident when meeting people. On Eid morning, people wake up, shower, dress, and find the perfect fragrance to spray. 

A perfume is a great gift for Eid since it captures one’s heart and makes one feel special. Your friends will always remember your fragrance when they wear perfume in custom packaging boxes on Eid.

  • Elegant Jewellery

You will certainly come up with more than one reason why jewelry makes the best gift. You can show the lucky person you care and give them your best with a jewelry gift. 

They will always carry it in their hearts just as they will always carry your memories. To celebrate the blessed feast of Eid, give your beautiful lady or mother a pendant with their names engraved on it.

  • Cash-filled Eid Mubarak greeting cards 

Gift cards with cash are one of the most treasured and unique gifts out there. You can make a simple and beautiful Eid card that you can display all year long for your family and friends. 

You can even fill the envelopes with cash to surprise them even more. If they love something, they can invest it in it. It could be clothing they like or a book they dreamed about reading. Plus, cash is always a hit as an Eidi since who doesn’t like cash? 

There aren’t many things you need to make envelope cards. There are three things you need to make a card: a piece of card stock, a sketch pen, and shimmery colors. And in the end, use their names on the custom stickers to seal the envelopes.