Is there anything more exciting than wearing unique clothing during Ramadan? You don’t have to look for a designer collection at all. DIY T-shirt painting is the perfect way for you to show off your creative mind and be unique.

Muslims have many blessings to look forward to during Ramadan. A month of fasting during which followers of Islam do not eat or drink between dawn and dusk out of modesty and patience. 

As this month has such a special significance, parents should keep their children informed from an early age so that they understand the value that this month holds. If you want to keep your kids entertained throughout Ramadan, crafty activities are a great way to keep them engaged.

In this blog, we share with you a whole new way to make your own DIY Self-coloring T-shirts. Moreover, there are countless Ramadan-themed activities to keep kids engaged by painting different styles and designs on their own.

Washable markers for use on T-shirts

You can get Ramadan Kareem designs in many different colors and styles. It is a great activity to get your kids involved in order to give them a sense of what to expect throughout the Holy Month. You might want to consider having them use washable markers so they can repeat this activity whenever they want!

Painting a T-shirt with a fabric Marker

There is also the option of using fabric markers as an alternative to washable markers. This set of markers is ideal for custom t-shirt printing and painting, and is easy to use. It is best to use cotton or a color that is light or white when choosing fabric for fabric pens.

Make sure your custom t-shirt is pre-washed before you apply the markers. In the meantime, prepare your workspace by placing a piece of cardboard inside your shirt. In this way, there will be no transfer of the design on the other side of the shirt. 

Decide what you want to design and plan it in our case it was the logo of our brand GFX Printers Dubai. There are many Ramadan-themed designs to choose from on the internet that your kids can copy and create on their own.

Provide them with a customized experience

Do you have an idea for a design? Your kids will learn about the core value of the month while wearing your own DIY Self-coloring T-shirt. Kids will love it if you make it fun for them by coloring different aspects of the T-shirt every day! They will love learning something new daily!

Reward system

In other words, if there is a reward at the end of the activity, children will tend to play or work harder. With this reward system, it will be easier to motivate your children to do kind deeds or set goals for them that you can customize on their DIY t-shirts. 

It is up to the kids to color in each kind of act or goal after achieving it. In the end, after they have colored the entire T-shirt, give them a gift they would enjoy, whether it’s their favorite meal or something else that they love!

Make these DIY Self-Coloring T-shirts with your kids and keep them active during the month of Ramadan. Custom T-shirt printing & painting is a fun, unique, and trendy way to express your creative side.